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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 20, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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ed the opportunity to have additional testing. i did say the family had the right for at least, an option to, choose another doctor do another round of testing. let me tell you how this began. jahi mcmath was pro n announced brain dead december 12th. her family has been asking for a miracle. they may have gotten one today the lawyer for had her family filed a request seeking to block the hospital from further action the day employees plan to take her off life support the hospital granted the request but the decision was only traesh traeshgs -- temporary, until today the judge granted a temporary restraining order until monday morning. he wants both parties in front of his desk. at that time, the hospital, during that time, the hospital cannot altar
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the care. during that time, they'll give a final test to determine her viability. under california law a person de-clained brain dead is legally dead. jahi suffered cardiac arrest, and was declared legally dead monday the family left the courtroom without speaking to reporters they're visibly upset. they had asked for a longer amount of time did he say nothing can change to her care before he sees both parties monday and a doctor is agreed upon there is a list of five doctors they will choose from over the weekend all are neurosurgeons from ucsf. >> nick, thank you. there is positive news for a 19-year-old richmond woman hit by a stray bullet the family says she occasional
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feels sensations in her legs and sat up in her bed. doctors believe she can be paralyzed but her family is optimistic. >> they're saying paralyzed. she fee feels, so we're not giving up hope. >> her brother set up a web site to hech the family pay bills, so far, people donated nearly $1300 we have the link on our web site on abc7 just look under see it on tv. >> police arrested a father and son following an attempted car jacking. police say the 39-year-old father tried to car jack a family wednesday droving off christmas tamales for a
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teacher. thomas allegedly tried to shoot the father and pleas arrested him near the scene. then, yesterday, his 21-year-old son confronted the officers they found a laded weapon on him. brandon thomas hz been booked on weapon scombronz gang charges. >> san francisco police investigating a deadly accident. >> the an elderly man. >> a stepped off the street and the trash truck was backing up, police have a good piece of information in this case because
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backing up at the time. >> it's going to be expect that vehicle. >> a surveillance camera captured video. police have a copy but the manager tells me this does not record sound video. police were collecting evidence, a recology spokesperson offered condolences >> we're fully cooperating with pleas investigation.,t have safety officers here, on scene. this >> this is the third fatal incident involving a recology incident this year. one witness told us the bicyclist was not wearing a helmet. >> he's too fast. you know? >> in early morning hours a
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woman was hit by a truck on the 80 freeway headed to the bay bridge. the california patrol trying to figure out why the woman was walking on the freeway and trying to cross traffic. a spokesperson told me the company has been working closely to address safety but did not have details on who is at fault. and didn't offer strategies. >> that is sergio quintana reporting. bart and unions have been going back and forth over a big mistake in a contract reached more than two months ago. >> it's been testing patience of bart riders. cornell bernard is live with the latest for us cornell? >> the holidays are here. but thing are not very merry here at bart headquarters nochlt
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agreement is in sight. unions claiming the dispute lasted about 220 days. >> this picture was as close as we can get the session appeared to be quiet. joel keller announced he plans to pursue a ballot measure, unions weren't happy and today, in a written statement a spokesperson says today's staff is continuing to work to problem solve and come up with options to consider at the table. >> i look it's like you get a credit card statement. you've got to read it.
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>> others fear a strike could happen. >> i'd like to be able to get up in the morning. please? someone. fix it. >> no new talks have been scheduled. >> for more rough news today it reached many 40 million credit cards are already for sale on the black market. business week reporting the breech caused by a computer virus affecting target's point of sale terminals. >> we want to extend that team member discount to guests this weekend as a small way to just say thank you. >> security experts advise anyone who thinks data might
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have been stolen to cancel the card and get a new one with a new pass word. >> some are open until christmas eve. abc7 news has that story. >> when khol's opened doors it started a 108-hour long shopping marathon. shoppers say bring it on. >> so i approve. people want to come out and shop. that is good. >> it's not just khol's. other stores are also going to be open until christmas eve. >> it's good to get stuff. but i can't imagine people who have to work it. >> i'm sure people will be take advantage of this. question. >> this is to help store bottom
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lines, stores up 2% over this year over last. >> it's been a little let. it worked out better for me. >> the holiday season makes up for 40% of stores revenue so it's a big deal and the hope is that these hours will be a bonus to the bottom line. >> it's outstanding shopping weather. >> no rain to be had. >> it's lovely. we can put it the sunny, mild weather. that is evident in this view looking down towards ocean beach. blue skies and temperatures 57 degrees in san francisco. 55 in
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oakland. 59 in san jose. how about this view? under clear skies, 66 degrees now. 66 on the day before winter begins. 64 novato. and one more live view here in abc7 looking along the embarcadero, this is our first forecast. clear, cool with temperatures mid 40s to mid-50s chimy inland valleys. and cool across the bay area, bright skies in the morning and mild conditions by afternoon. and still ahead at 4:00 sea world over treatment of its animals and reports of prominent
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musicians. >> president obama's big change to the health care law. how he's responding to claims this was the worst year of his presidency. >> michael finney will answer your questions live a little later. and on twitter. >> it's been a nightmare this afternoon, everybody trying to get home early and start a long stretch of the week off this, is i 80. traffic headed towards berkeley perfect emeryville is jammed up
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police arrested a samantha suspected of shooting a woman in downtown oakland this morning. a 55-year-old turned himself in peacefully the woman standing near the administration building around 8:00 in the morning. the gunman opened fire. police arrived she was conscious, able to talk to them. and police believe she was targeted. >> there is a recall that could affect your holiday male. 740 pound of lee's sausages have been recalled. look for the packages. there have been no
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reports of illnesses so far. >> sea world launching a counter attack over accusations it mistreats whales at its theme parks. the film "black fish" claim whales suffer from board yom and sea world rejects the claims whales have a shorter life span when in captivity. >> on to business news now, square raising big money >> good afternoon. black berry taking a page from apple announcing it plans to outsource manufacturing to fox con. the
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same place where iphones are made the company reported another huge financial loss. ora cell pushing into the cloud computing business by buying responsive, paying $1.5 billion to the maker and has been boosting growth and hold off rivals >> new york city is banning cigarettes taking affect in about four months. stocks closing higher today rising to a record high after gdp data came in better than expected. and four square just raised a new funding round in series d from
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dsj growth and capitol group. from bloomberg studios in san francisco, larry, carolyn, have a great weekend. >> it's gorgeous. >> yes f you're going to be lugging packages around, looks like weather. >> this is great package-lugging weather. >> warmer than you'd expect for this time of the year. here is live doppler seven hd. sunny skies now and looks like now the pattern is going to be in the fore seeable future, taking a look live from our exploratorium camera across street from abc7 looking out on to the bay. these features clear tonight and chilly, then milder tomorrow. and this remains with us throughout the weekend and throughout next week. and through christmas slight shows high pressure still
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dominant feature, storm track flow flowing well north. notice high clouds going by, by afternoon maybe a patch or two of coastal clouds but sunny skies tomorrow, rb nice, mild day. and overnight tonight, clear skies and low temperatures into low 40s as we start to push into inland valleys lows more to upper 30s north bay valleys chilliest weather can be nouned places like santa rosa and napa. tomorrow, sunny skies and low to mid-60s. upper 50s to mainly low to mid-60s. downtown san
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francisco, mid to upper 60s inland. 66 in napa. east bay looking for highs into low to mid-60s. fremont. 64 concord and 63 livermore, here is the accu-weather forecast. taking us through first full week of winter. and through christmas, high temperatures into mid-60s around the bay and inland low 60s on the coast, monday, tuesday, and thursday. just smooth sailing and santa won't need rudolph's nose to light the weigh for the sleigh because there will be clear skies. >> yes. no rain in sight. >> thank you.
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>> okay. >> abc7 news wants to thank you for helping make give were you live a huge success. $75,000 going to feeding america food banks. >> special congratulations to the winner who won $7,000 we talked with him yesterday he was doing laundry when he got the call from dan ashley. he has plans for the much-needed cash. >> my gift for my kids, pay the bills, since i haven't been working for a little bit. been out of a job for a month. just pay stuff. >> and you can still give where you live. >> up next controversial comments and reaction from his family that could put that
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popular reality show in jeopardy. >> saying so long to the stick. a
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to those who've been waiting welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage, and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at
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the family of duck dynasty patriarch says they don't see how the show can go on without them. he made antigay comments, comparing guy gays -- gay tz in a statement the family says they can't imagine the show going forward without their patriarch at the helm. >> first books, then movies, now harry potter coming to the stage. jk roulings is working out a play and says the play will explore the story of harry's early years no opening date has been set for the show.
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they were adopted into eight feature films that are beloved. >> yes. yes. >> just ahead on abc7 news at 4:00 breaking news and a bitter transit dispute. >> plus, president obama heading out to hawaii but not before getting grilled. >> also, dangers of social media. a mother getting arrested for a topless photo snapped and posted by her teen-aged daughter. >> and a high school where 1800 [woman] you wrapped the... [man] it's nothing but tape... [woman] it's a block. we're havin' a baby! [laughter in background] [woman screams] are we havin' a baby? [ambient crying and laughter]
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breaking news concerning ac transit contract dispute. a tentative agreement has been reaching meaning there will not be a strike on monday the union will present the agreement to members in the coming days and we'll have more coming up for you on abc7 news at 5:00 >> president obama leaving for his holiday trip to hawaii this evening but not before touting new figures on aferdable health care act sign ups saying a million people picked a plan, a big jump from end of november
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just 365,000 signed up this, after announcing that americans can now buy bare bone plans or avoid the requirement where most have coverage. >> reporter: his last news conference wraps up what many considered to be the worst year of his presidency. >> in 2013 our businesses created another 2 million jobs we head into next year, with an economy that is stronger. >> only 43% of americans approve of the job performance, down 12 points since beginning of the year and it's the lowest level of the presidency. >> i took this job to deliver for american people. i knew and will continue to know that there are going to be ups and downs on
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it. >> president admitted the team fumbled the ball, today, saying over a million people have signed foup for plans through federal and state marketplaces >> millions of americans, despite problems with the web site, are now poised to be covered. >> a judge ruled the phone data program was likely un-constitutional. >> we need this intelligence and can't disarm >> after the kes pres conference, the obamas head to hawaii. this is the first year they're not delayed because of issues in the capitol. >> the president kwifigiving th
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military one year to reform sexual assaults. jackie speier saying quote, i believe this requires leaving legal decisions to legal experts, i will continue to fight for this with every fiber of my being. >> well, another money battle may be on the horizon in washington, d.c. jack lu issued a new deadline, february 7th, meaning the country cannot borrow anymore money to finance the government. lu says he can july jugel books but the u.s. could face default. >> county clerks began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples this afternoon after a judge struck down the same-sex marriage ban saying it's un-constitutional n a ruling,
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the judge ruled utah's law violates rights to do due process and equal protection. u.s. judge robert shelby says the state failed to show it would affect opposite sex marriages in any way. >> canada's highest court struck down the country's prostitution laws, striking down laws on keeping a brothel and street soliciting the ruling seen as a victory for sex workers because it found laws violated the guarantee to life, liberty and security of the person. >> a missouri woman in hot water after getting out of water, her teen-aged daughter snapped a picture of her getting out of the hot tub, then posted it on
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the internet the 50-year-old missouri mother booked on misdemeanor child endangerment after a topless photo of her and her teen-aged daughter hit the internet. the photo was shared on snap chat, the app de, snap chat. >> i was aware it was taken by my 13-year-old i told her please delete that photo. >> this mother made a poor choice, i don't think she had an intention this blew up, but it d she only has her poor judgment to blame for that. >> this in a state of missouri. the mother says she was not posing, simply getting out of her own hot tub. the prosecution says the woman faces probation. >> and several teenagers tested
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positive for exposure to tuberculosis at indio high school. but 45 others tested positive for possible exposure, officials say results are higher than expected meaning all 1800 students and staff will be screened. >> yes. i've got four little ones at home. >> how worried are you? >> i do a lot of praying so i'm not. i do pray, so i'm not really worried. >> school officials say without verification of current tuberculosis tests students will not be allowed to return back to school after winter break. >> astronauts will make a walk in space tomorrow to make repairs on the international space station. trying to fix a crucial cooling system. astronauts will remove a
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780-pound cooling pump, much time will be spent dangling from the robotic arm the last nearly lost his life. nasa is feeling confident having pefsh yoermd a similar repair in 2010 expecting the last to take place christmas morning. if he saw the movie "gravity" it sounds frightening >> the special gift for a san francisco doctor that danced into hearts of millions. >> today's seven on your side q and a just ahead. i'm taking your questions and you can contact me on and on twitter at m finney. i'll answer questions live here in just a little bit. >> looking on do the bay from mount tam is this the nur face of winter? could be. the accu-weather forecast is coming up. >> and this is the face of traffic. it's bright at this
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point. but... it's actually grim. there is
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holiday rush off to a rocky start and a new storm is crossing the country just in
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time for christmas from washington to arizona, oklahoma, maine there is a threat of thunderstorms in the south. in utah, heavy snow led to hundreds of flight delays. >> looking at those pictures doesn't it make you smile to live in california? >> no winter weather is here whatever right now. >> this is what we're seeing. this beautiful view from goat rock beach. this is sunny skies right now, and thunderstorms and showers from gulf of mexico up through
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mississippi valley into ohio valley and into new england. some of this will turn into snow. eastern half of the u.s., sunny skies, mild conditions across the state and that includes the bay area and upper 50s on the coast low 60s soon on the coast into next week. >> it's amazing. i love the weather. >> yes. >> thank you. >> a dancing doctor got a special gift on "good morning america. her individual row got millions of views on you tube.
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>> she held a dance party to" get me bodied "song before undergoing a double mastectomy. the singer post aid message on her facebook page saying you're awesome. gma correspondent presented her with something special from beyonce. >> a little gift. i encourage any woman who is about to walk into that watch your video first. i love the message to be we won't have to let fear dictate. we have power to take control over cancer. >> she says she's feeling great and this is prove. she says she's healing quickly and considers dancing her medicine. amazing >> and a great dancer, too.
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>> generosity making holidays brighter for thousands of children >> men in mid west why unbelievable passion for christmas. his home is decorated with 111 trees. >> i'm michael finny. how long does that gift card last?
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>> thousands of children will be getting more this year thanks to a local charity. >> reporter: the toy box program is a tradition here. the charity trance formed into a toyland. families get to pick out two toys and a book before christmas. >> we're able to get a ice
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hockey set. >> another tradition appears to be rising housing costs. rents have risen 10% for many. as a result, 3,000 kids are signed up for distribution. >> we want to make sure people stay in their homes, pay bills, and we want to help them out. >> we live in a mobile home park. rents are going up. >> she's grateful the programs are available. >> it's wonderful. you know? and a blessing. >> the distribution taking place over two days family going today, the other half on monday.
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>> one pastor knows how to decorate. december is his favorite month he loves christmas. and really loves trees he has 111 of them inside of his family home. there are some, he tags the trees to remember what room they go in. living room, bedroom, bathroom. >> they go over nine feet tall. i said a tree probably could fit in that corner. >> just shop. >> yes. saying after holidays will take up to a month to take them down. if you're in
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he said give him a call. >> merck is recalling some hpv vaccines because broken glass may be in the vials during the process the lot sent out between august ask october. cdc say patients may have swelling at the injection site. merck is contacting clinics so they can be concerned. >> a lot of concern about the situation at target. linda e mailed i usually use a debit card but didn't. should i be worried? >> no. look. this has been overblown and killing me here. look. this is the same kind of
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breech we have hundreds of per year the deal is that it's 40 million, a store we trust but for consumers issue is did it affect you? if you didn't use your card during that time, you're probably fine. those who use their cards are probably fine. just keep track of your bills every month. if you're keeping track you're going to be okay. >> stephanie e mailed i went to a college but that is no longer in business. now, i need proof for a job that i attended the school. >> this problem all the time. people go to post secondary education stint yugss then, it closes down. state says they
4:51 pm
have to keep them forever. but not when you went to school it didn't pass until late 80s. i want to you contact the state and see what they're doing about this. contact them. >> get a hard copy. >> right. right. >> connie ee mailed a store issued a gift certificate 17 years ago. is the new owner obligated to honor it? >> one more reason to love california. only only great weather but laws saying they can't go away until worth less than $five. one caveat is that
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they just bought the store >> so totally new business or not? >> right. if they took over it they have to honor it. >> good luck. >> yes. >> thank you. >> candle stick park days are numbed. >> the man with the plan. >> coming up hearing from a hospital now for the first time since a judge issues a ruling in favor of the family of a brain dead teenager. that will be in a live report. plus, teachers coming to the rescue of a run away school bus, you'll see wh
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to thosuffered in silence... hoped... and lived in a state of fear... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 800-675-2607. >> candle stick park will host
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the last regular season game monday night. for many there are mixed feelings and today, wayne freed man spent time with people who plan to remake candle stick point. after more than half a century we're getting down to three days and counting. >> i grew up in this place. i'm going to miss it. >> what are you going to do when the stadium is gone? >> we don't know. >> someone has been working on it. to ensure it's the >> with 12,500 homes, parks and businesses and a large bridge. how much will it cost?
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>> in billions. >> views will be a selling point. >> demographic wants to enjoy new homes with amenities you can get downtown that they can't afford downtown now. the question is how to get rid of i piece by piece? or impression. >> in what has become disposal society we've seen three rivers, here in san francisco, still a year away. means to the ultimate end are still undecided.
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>> i think pref yens will be implode. my gut tells me that that may be least offensive to the neighborhood because it's a large structure >> maybe we're getting ahead of ourselves. >> everybody loves a good immregs. abc # news at 5:00 right now begins with dan and ama. >> coming up next, breaking news. family of a girl on life support, a judge just giving them more time. >> how target is wooing customers who have had their pockets picked for weeks. >> some kids will have a merry
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christmas after all. >> live on the roof of the kgotv broadcast center, i'll let you know what is ahead for christmas coming up. a reprieve on a fight to keep their daughter on a vent later. >> it's not all the family wanted but is something. jahi mcmath will remain on life support until another court hearing. >> today, the judge did give them a glimmer of hope until monday saying at that time both sides zil to have selected a thuro surgeon. jahi mcmath has been
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brain dead since december 12th. the family didn't speak, but hung on every word the judge had to say. the judge has granted a three-day temporary restraining order giving an opportunity to select an independent neurosurgeon to determine her viability. the lawyer seeking to block the hospital from further action the day employees planned to take her off life support. tro means the hospital cannot alter care in any way. today was the first time representatives have been authorized to respond to claims being made by the family of the 13-year-old. the attorney says they're pleased the


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